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An Inclusive Publishing Company

Welcome to our heartwarming world at BrownBaby321, a small publishing company dedicated to crafting enchanting and inclusive children's books, the “321” being inspired by the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. Cameeka Caldwell found that there weren’t enough chidrens’ books that included children with Down Syndrome, thus the birth of BrownBaby321. A publishing company whose mission is to celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and weave magical stories that resonate with the hearts of young readers. Let's create a literary landscape where every child sees themselves reflected in the pages of a book.


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Meet our remarkable author, Meeka Caldwell, a passionate storyteller from Maryland. Married and a loving mother of six, her journey into writing began with a fervent love for books and an unwavering commitment to filling a void in children's literature. Motivated by the scarcity of narratives featuring characters with Down syndrome, Meeka embarked on a literary adventure to create heartwarming tales inspired by her youngest son, Anian. Beyond the written word, she finds joy in public speaking, using her platform to educate and enlighten audiences about Down syndrome. When not immersed in the world of words, Meeka enjoys the simple pleasures of reading a captivating book, candles, and cooking! Join us in celebrating a storyteller who advocates for inclusion and understanding.

The Author


Meet the incredible Anian Caldwell, a bright and spirited young boy born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic condition where individuals like Anian have an extra chromosome, making them wonderfully unique. Anian's infectious passion for life and learning serves as the heart and soul behind the enchanting stories of BrownBaby321, a publishing company inspired by his boundless curiosity. Smart and full of joy, Anian's favorite things include Spiderman adventures, savoring French fries, delighting in the color blue, and creating precious memories playing with his adoring sisters.



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