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She’ll say she never started out to be an author, which makes perfect sense because ironically her books found her while she was searching for them. Ultimately advocating for the Down Syndrome Community as a whole, immediately she found a void. Being a mother of a Black child with Down Syndrome, she noticed that there were few children’s books about Down Syndrome and none featuring a Black child. Meeka Caldwell wrote “A Friend Like Anian”, the first of a series, inspired by her son to show diversity and representation in the Down Syndrome Community.

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French Fries and Blue! Anian has some favorite things and this is one of them. Let’s spend some time with Anian as he learns that everyday, even on your favorite day, work comes before treats.


It’s time for school! In this second book of “A Friend Like Anian”, Anian is a little scared about his first day of kikndergarten. But with the help of his teachers, aide, and new friends, its not so bad after all.


Anian is a wonderful little boy who is loved by all in his community. He likes to play and make new friends, among other things.


Anian loves his mommy! She is an essential part of making his days run smoothly!

Meet The Characters


Aven and Prix are two of Anian’s FOUR older sisters! They help and guide him everyday!


Anian, born with an extra chromosome, is a super special boy that loves to learn and play!


Anian loves his dad! He’s always there to help him and they always have so much fun!

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What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a condition where some people are born with an extra chromosome. It makes them unique, with special features, but just like anyone else, they have their own talents and can lead happy lives!

Join Our Community!


Welcome to our vibrant online community dedicated to Down syndrome! Explore a wealth of information about organizations, resources, and support networks. Join us in fostering a warm and inclusive space, as our large community thrives on the power of support and welcomes everyone to be part of our journey.

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